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Affordable and practical

Now you don’t need to spend money on your own IT structure, use SmartTouch point of sale software and pay only $6 per month

Simple and fast

All you have to do is to register and download the application to the tablet. The installation process doesn’t take more than 10 minutes

Confident and secure

The cloud server stores your data in a confident manner. All information is protected, and you can manage different access levels for users

User-friendly and functional

All required functionalities are at your disposal to organize full automation in one simple and user-friendly interface

SmartTouch POS – is a cloud based POS solution built on modern standards to achieve automation in restaurants, cafes, coffee houses, street food and kiosks.

SmartTouch POS - function

SmartTouch POS tablet POS software consists of two major parts:

  • The first one is the mobile application for iOS and Android, also called the front-office as it has a direct relation with wait staff, bartenders, cashiers;
  • and the second one is the administration panel located on the cloud server, it’s the back-office, of the software providing functionality for internal operations such as management and business analytics.

Function of the SmartTouch POS automation system for cafes:

Our restaurant pos system provides the possibility to manage the principal business processes of your establishment via a smartphone or a tablet, both in online and offline mode:

SmartTouch POS

Do you want to try for FREE?

We offer our packages absolutely free for 14-day-test period.
You have the opportunity to use the full functionality of our app and fully enjoy the benefits of working with our system.

Leave your contact details and we will call you and help to set up application.




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